My Travel Day Pack: The Vaultpro Gateway Handbag


I searched all over the internet for a new travel bag. Almost everything they sell now is bigger and bulkier than what I was looking for. This bag is the perfect size. It’s smaller than most so I can carry it comfortably but it still holds everything I want to take out touring for a day. The triangular shape fits snugly against your hip and doesn’t stick out at all so you aren’t constantly banging it into things. And Hallelujah! A travel bag with a compartment for a water bottle! I was a little worried when I ordered the bag because I’d read a few reviews that said the water bottle compartment was too small. This isn’t true. A standard 16.9 oz. (the size in your typical 24 pack) fits perfectly and the compartment zips completely closed. I bought a refillable Copco 16.9 oz Hydra bottle and it fits into the compartment and the zipper zips all the way to the bottle cap which sticks out about an inch. This however doesn’t cause any problem as the bottle is still quite secure. The large locking zipper pocket will hold my camera, passport wallet and sunglasses. The zipper unzips all the way across the top and down the size to give easy access. There is a large interior zipper pocket, 2 other smaller pockets, a place for a pen or lipstick, several credit card slots and a key fab with a light. In addition to the compartments you can see on the front of the bag in the picture, the back of the bag has one large zipper compartment that would easily hold my large passport wallet if I wanted it easily accessible. There is also another zipper that will allow the bag to expand an extra inch or so wider if need be. The strap has a locking mechanism that would allow you to lock your bag around, say, the arm of a cafe chair. Even though this is a smaller bag there are enough places to organize tissues, aspirin, bandaids, travel toothbrush and anything else I might possibly need while touring or hiking park trails. I love this bag.

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