In Pictures: My Old Teacher and Friend Phil Travels to Myanmar


Doc and I have a friend, Phil, who is a great world traveler. The adopted child of Reformed Presbyterian missionaries, Phil used to see the large cruise ships docked in his home country of Syria and he was fascinated by both the ships and the tourists coming and going from them. He knew even then that he wanted to be a passenger on one “someday.”

Phil has been to well over 100 countries. As a Geneva Ohio high school teacher he spent many summer breaks driving around the U.S. and flying around the world. These days he mostly travels by cruise ship.  Phil still loves exploring the huge ships and he has traveled on many different ships on many different cruise lines.

A Friday night "party" watching one of Phil's travel videos.

A Friday night “party” watching one of Phil’s travel videos.

Over the years, we’ve spent many Friday nights in Phil’s living room watching his videos which are always a delight to see. These photos from a recent trip to Myanmar are just a tiny sampling of the many photos he takes on each of his adventures. 




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536716_102857836547261_1851835100_n 396698_102852826547762_1240269173_n 374132_102853163214395_6992604_n 259955_102858516547193_1391203321_n 230082_102858976547147_1670225426_n 65305_102861179880260_1799748957_n 230079_102861046546940_115053632_n


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