All that Extra Stuff: A Packing List

Depending on where you’re traveling to there are always some “extra” things you’re going to need that won’t necessarily show up on an average packing lists.  This is a list of those oddball “extras” that I store in alarge, plastic travel bin between trips. Where I’m going and how I’m getting there determines which “extras” get packed. You’ll likely have other things to add to your own list based on your own circumstances.

  • European electrical adapter kit599498p
  • small power strip (cruise ships and many hotels have a very limited number of outlets and with all the battery and cell phone chargers we have today this is becoming more and more necessary)
  • a plug extension (such as one of those which turns a 3-prong grounded plug into a 2-prong plug. This comes in handy for larger “box-type” plugs that won’t fit into a recessed outlet without the extension)
  • highlighter
  • pens
  • large post it notes (for leaving notes to your cabin steward)
  • touch light nightlight (pack the batteries separately or it could get turned on when traveling)
  • book light
  • cell phone charger
  • camera
  • camera battery charger
  • Camera usb cable
  • Heating coil and tea bags (this is not allowed on most cruise ships)
  • travel alarm clock
  • handheld shortwave radio
  • extra batteries
  • inflatable wedge pillow (if you’re prone to heartburn issues)
  • bag bungee (great for strapping a carry-on to your luggage when you have to walk very far)
  • lanyard (if you want to carry a cruise card around your neck; just ask the help desk to punch a hole in your card for you)
  • folding travel cane (a great product if you need something like this)Executive-Book-Light_2593_r
  • GPS (you’ll probably need to purchase maps of any foreign cities you’ll be visiting)
  • large trash bags for laundry
  • ziploc bags — various sizes
  • trial sized lysol wipes (First thing I do when I move in is wipe down the things people have touched like doorknobs and dresser handles)
  • security waist pouch/neck pouches
  • extra eye glasses
  • mini deck of playing cards
  • mini flashlight (if the power goes out you’ll be happy to have one or two)
  • travel sized duct tape (this is good for so many things like broken suitcases or ripped clothing)
  • Extra duffel bag
  • Hanging organizer with pockets (very convenient for cruise ships short on storage space)
  • clothes pins (for hanging laundry or closing up a potato chip bag)
  • mini binoculars

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