Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

91ubuliuxl-_ul1500_-1I have been using this travel bag for more than two years and the “Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote” is, without a doubt, the best travel purchase I have ever made. Whenever I buy a product, I expect that there will always be something that I would like to change or improve. Not this one. I love everything about this bag.images222

I love the appearance of this bag. The diamond pattern quilting is stylish. I love the rich brown color of mine, but I also love the other available colors which made it hard to choose. The interior of my bag is lined in a pretty bright aqua blue. Items stand out on the bright color making them easy to see.

The bag has been designed to fit in both the airline’s overhead compartment and under the seat. The only seat I have found that it wouldn’t fit beneath was the aisle seat on a small plane — the kind of plane that has just one or two seats per side. Normally however, it slides beneath the seat while still leaving you some foot space. Next to the massive looking carry-ons of travelers around me, this bag appears small and I have never been asked to gate check it, even on smaller planes.

5102lwdzq4lBut looks can be deceiving. This bag holds a ton of stuff.  I have packed clothing for a long weekend using only this bag. A more efficient traveler could pack for a week. The main compartment will neatly hold clothing, shoes, or other items without shifting.  Lots of interior pockets make organizing a breeze, keeping toiletries separated and making small items easy to find. For a long road trip in the car, I have packed the larger section with snacks and set it on the backseat. The design of the zipper “door” makes it easy to access everything inside.
516xir7f-llThere is an outside, easy access, front organizer padded pocket. I usually pack my art supplies here – a sketchbook and supply of colored pencils that I want to have handy. It’s also a good place to store a tablet or a book– whatever I intend to read on the plane. I like the fact that I can slide in a larger item like a magazine and I am still able to zip the flap shut. On the side of the bag is a mesh pocket that is a good place for your water bottle, sunglasses, or other item that you want to keep readily available. On the opposite side is a zippered pocket that is roomy enough to hold another water bottle or even a pair of sandals. But if you choose to put smaller items there, an inside mesh pocket keeps them in place.

All of the zippers work smoothly and are sturdy. The wheels are smooth rolling. A recessed locking handle folds down into the bag when not needed. A small, zippered flap keeps it neatly sealed inside. Dual top handles allow you to carry the bag in hand when necessary. On the back side of the bag is a slip through band which will slide over the handle of a larger wheeled bag. This allows the carry-on to ride securely on top of the larger bag as you are pulling it along.

The exterior dimensions are 14.5″ x 14″ x 9″ with a weight of 5 lbs, 9 oz. It comes with a Worldwide Limited 5 Year Warranty. The retail price is listed at $140 but I’ve seen it for sale for around $70. Look online and you might find a better deal or a coupon.


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